On Saturday January 30 a group of snowmobile riders was observed riding recklessly in and around the parking lot and on the Vernon Snowmobile Association trails. The behaviour observed included drag racing 4 machines abreast from the parking lot onto the trails and failing to stop at the cross country ski trail crossing.

On two separate occasions directors of the VSA instructed the group to stop their reckless behaviour and received assurances from the group they would behave but when the directors left the group returned to their asinine antics. This group's behaviour is completely unacceptable and is not condoned by the VSA. Information was gathered by the VSA directors in attendance and the matter has been referred to the authorities.

Silver Star Provincial Park is a shared recreation area enjoyed by all ages pursuing various recreation activities including snowshoeing, cross country skiing and snowmobiling. There is no place for reckless behaviour that endangers everyone's safe and respectful use of the park.