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Membership Benefits and Costs




By joining the Vernon Snowmobile Association, you are choosing to support snowmobiling in BC and ensure that we have areas to ride for future generations.  While many people join the club for a groomed trail there is more to snowmobile clubs than just that.  The volunteers in clubs negotiate with government to manage these areas and work hard to meet the ongoing requirements of these agreements.  There are many well-funded groups getting organized and advocating to have us removed from the backcountry.  We need to stay organized, have strong membership numbers, and support the volunteers that keep this all going so that the people that just want to ride can.

Your Club membership includes a membership in the BCSF which gives you the following benefits with our corporate partners:

  1. 25% off your insurance with Capri Insurance (likely pays for your membership)
  2. Discount at Marks Workwear
  3. Discount at all Sandman Hotels in BC
  4. Additional Discount at Sandman Hotel in Revelstoke, BC
  5. Discount at Prestige Hotels
  6. Discount at Sutton Hotels
  7. Exclusive discount on all sled-wraps from LimeNine
  8. Discount on an AST1 course with Zacs Tracs Avalanche Skills Training
  9. Discount on an AST1 course with Hangfire Avalanche Training
  10. Free e-subscription to SnoRiders Magazine
  11. Exclusive discount on all custom sled-wraps from Barrett Hepburn Design
  12. $4,000 Accidental Death Policy from American Income Life
  13. 10% off purchases from Avalanche Safety Solutions
  14. Discounts with Trigger Point Snow Services
  15. 10% off online and in store at Back Forty Lifestyle Company
  16. Free Superclamp with the purchase of a deck from Limitless Manufacturing
  17. Free Zoleo Activation for BCSF members.  
  18. Sledder Package at Best Western Valemount that includes your room, a bag lunch, and an after sled drink in the lounge. 

We are constantly adding member benefits so please check back and be sure to support businesses that support your sport!



Individual (Primary) Membership - $95.00 yearly

This is a membership for one person. It is lso referred to as a "Primary Membership".

Secondary Membership - $75.00 yearly

This is a membership for a person who is 18 years or older and lives in a household of somebody who has an individual membership.

Affiliate Membership- $50.00 yearly

This is a membership for a person who is already a member of another BCSF club. Please note that when buying this membership you will be required to provide the membership number for the club you are already a member of.

Youth/Child - $42.50 yearly

A member that is 16 years old or younger. 


Non-rider - $42.50 yearly

This is a membership for a person who doesn't ride but would like to support the club and receive all the great membership benefits.


2021/2022 Season Update: Please note that the old "Family Memberships" are no longer offered. You will need to purchase a combination of "Individual/Secondary/Child" memberships to cover a family of 4.



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