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Trail Conditions

Grooming Report

Sunday April 25 - Closing Day
The last day for sledding for the 2020-2021 season is Sunday April 25. The trails are still in great shape but watch for changing spring conditions.

March 26 - Popal Pass, Passmore, Skyline, Ganzaveldt, Alpine, and Village Trail all groomed Friday night and 2" of snow fell in the 5 hours the groomer was out working.

Perfect sledding conditions, long sunny days and ride directly from the parking lot onto snow covered trails, no muddy roads to ride!

Trail Pass Fees

$15 Trail Pass Fees are being collected and may be purchased:

Season Passes are also available, visit the Membership page for more information and to join the Vernon Snowmobile Association.


Trail Map

The Vernon Snowmobile Trail Map is georeferenced so when used in Avenza Maps App it displays your location on the trails.

Download the map via:

Weather & Webcams

The Vernon Snowmobile Association trails are neighboured by Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre trails to the west and Silver Star Mountain Resort to the east. The snowmobile trails in Silver Star Provincial Park range in elevation from 1550 to 1850m and the trails in the Trinity Ricardo area (adjoining to the north of Silver Star Provincial Park) range in elevation from 1300 to 1700m.

The summit of Silver Star Mountain is 1915m and the Sovereign Lake webcams are at 1650m elevation so provide a good reference for conditions on the VSA trails.

Silver Star Mountain has an excellent daily snow report email, subscribe to have it delivered to your inbox every day. 


Did You Know?

The cross trails (typically east to west direction) between Ganzaveldt and Passmore are named in alphabetical order starting with Alpine at the south then proceeding through Blizzard, Cornice, Dale, Everest, Frost, Glacier, Goldbridge, Goldpan, Goldeneye, Hill, Icicle, Jasper and Klondike at the north.

2020/2021 Grooming Updates

March 26 - Popal Pass, Passmore, Skyline, Ganzaveldt, Alpine, and Village Trail all groomed Friday night and 2" of snow fell in the 5 hours the groomer was out working.

March 12 - Passmore, Ganzaveldt, Alpine, Frost, Popal Pass and Village Trail all groomed Thursday evening.

February 27 - Passmore, Icicle, Ganzaveldt, Meadow, Popal Pass and Village Trail all groomed Friday evening.

February 19 - Passmore, Skyline, Ganzaveldt, Meadow and Slide Trail all groomed Friday evening.

February 12 - Passmore and Ganzaveldt groomed.

February 6 - Passmore to the Armstrong Chalet, Slide Trail and Ganzaveldt all groomed.

WASHOUT UPDATE - with the recent snowfalls the washout north of the park boundary has been filled in. It is possible to ride the full length of Passmore again without taking the washout detour.

January 30 - Popal Pass, Village, Passmore to Blizzard then back on Ganzaveldt.

January 15 - There are trees down on the trails due to recent high winds. The trail crew will be out this afternoon to clear the trails ahead of the groomer so the trails are ready for the weekend crowds. Passmore and Ganzaveldt groomed late into the night Friday night to be ready for the weekend.

January 8 - Passmore, Glacier and Ganzaveldt are freshly groomed and ready for the weekend.

December 31 - Groomed down Passmore to Skyline then back along Ganzaveldt.

December 23 - The groomer is out again on Ganzaveldt today and the Blizzard cross trail. 

December 22 - 30cm of new snow in the last 24 hours. Watch for the groomer working Passmore, the Armstrong trails then  returning on Ganzaveldt.

December 12 - Ganzaveldt and Passmore have been groomed. 

December 1 - Ganzaveldt and Passmore have been groomed. Please ride with caution, there are some open creeks and early season conditions.